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Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Orders

How much do shirts cost? The per shirt cost varies from order to order depending on the garment style, the quantity, for printing: (number of print locations, number of colors used) and for embroidery: (the stitch count). There are quantity discounts at 24 pieces, 48 pieces, 96 pieces, 216 pieces, 504 pieces, 792 pieces, and 1200+ pieces. For an accurate quote, please give us a call at 1-800-424-2558 x28.

Is there a minimum order? Yes. For custom printing and embroidery there is a 12 piece minimum.

What is your turn around time? Our normal turn around time for custom orders is two weeks. Often, orders will be completed sooner than that, and rush service is available--schedule permitting--at no extra cost.

What do I need for artwork? Our art staff can create a design for you from scratch. Formats that we prefer are Freehand, Illustrator, Photoshop, EPS, PDF, TIFF or JPEG. Be aware that images taken off of web sites are usually too low resolution, and need to be recreated, and therefore incur an art charge. Be sure to include all the fonts or convert them to outlines. You may call our art department with questions 800-424-2558 or e-mail us with your questions at info@allu.com. Our art charge for creating artwork or making supplied art ready for print will be quoted prior to order acceptance.

What are separations? Separations refer to the film positives created for the individual colors of a design. There is one separation for each color of ink used on the press. The cost for creating film separation for your order can be determined by the art staff after reviewing your design. You will be quoted before any work is done.

What is a screen charge? An individual screen is needed for each separation in a design. There is one screen for each color of ink used on the press. We charge $20 per screen. Reorders, without changes to your design, made within one year, will have no screen charges. After one year the full screen charges will apply. The screen charge is for preparing the screens for print, you do not own the screens and they cannot be taken from our factory.

What is a tape charge? A tape charge, also known as a digitizing fee is the charge for making your design ready for embroidery. This charge is dependent on the number of stitches in your design and the overall complexity of the design, We can quote you on this charge after our embroidery department reviews your design.We digitize in-house and take pride in the craftsmanship that goes into making your design sew properly and look the best it possibly can. There are some limitations inherent in embroidery such as the size at which a design can reduced to and still hold the necessary detail. We can advise you as to what will and won't work for embroidery if you email us your design info@allu.com There is a $10.00 setup charge for simple lettering using our stock fonts. You own your tape, and for a $30.00 copying fee you may take it to another factory.

Do you offer personalization? Yes, we can embroider individual names on garments for $5.00 per item (limited to one line 10 characters) plus an additional $2.50 for each additional line. We allso offer vinyl cut names and numbers for team uniforms, $5 per name, $5 per number.

What is flash curing? A Flash is a drying unit that can be used on the press to dry the ink between colors. This is used often on dark garments when white ink is printed first, dried, and then other colors printed on top of it, Thus producing a brighter color. At times a flash unit will also help stop colors from bleeding into one another. Flash curing slows down the printing process and adds 25¢ per piece. We will advise you before printing if we deem a flash necessary.




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